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Financial advice

If you do have a goal, but have not mapped out the way forward, we will be happy to help you draw up your strategic growth plans. For this it is often advisable to know what your company is worth. This can help you determine your course. MMR can value your company and shows you in a valuation report where the opportunities lie within your company. We are then happy to think along strategically with you, in order to achieve your desired goal.

How do we do that?


At the start of a corporate finance process, it is important to have clear which path you have already taken and what the strategy of a company is for the coming years. MMR Consultancy sees it as its task to fathom, understand and supplement the strategy of entrepreneurs. The correct positioning of your own company and the associated strategy ensures that you can quickly estimate the motivation of the other party to want to realize the transaction.

Some strategic issues in a takeover are:

  • What does it cost to build the software that we have developed or want to develop as a company?
  • (How fast) Can an international party with a global customer base sell my software product?
  • What do you think is the scope that must be achieved to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, continuity and return? Does your company (in the near future) comply with this?

The answer to these questions determines your positioning when entering a process. We are happy to discuss this with you during this phase, before entering a purchase, sale or investment process. Together with a good numerical analysis of a company, the positioning of your company determines the success of a transaction.


Pricing depends on various factors within a transaction. In the preparation, we look extensively at the positioning that you as a party can take in the process. In addition, we also want to be financially aware of all the details, so that we can make a good estimate of the expected turnover and result level and their predictability. Before we enter the market or make a bid, we usually know all the ins and outs of a company, so that few surprises can occur during the process.
Finally, pricing is also determined by the negotiation tactics that we set out together with you. For example, we can choose to enter into discussions with several parties, whereby we must define the quality of the process for you. It is also possible to talk exclusively with a party, whereby the negotiation result depends on timing and interaction between you as a customer and us.

In summary, a good preparation and negotiation method is essential for a good result.


If an acquisition is settled entirely in cash, the structuring of the transaction is less important. However, it often happens that part of the purchase price is not yet paid and is entered as an earn-out, subordinated loan and / or share capital in the transaction. The objective of the parties is, for example, that a purchase price can be made variable, that there is an extra source of financing that provides extra continuity and / or that some commitment from the seller is guaranteed. In any case, the result is: in this transaction there is downside and upside potential, which is an essential part of the whole.

MMR supports you with this structuring, which often involves the transaction, there are up to 50 variants as the outcome of a structuring. Before you as an entrepreneur agree on a structuring, we calculate the consequences of different possible structures in different scenarios, so that you can make a good estimate of the total economic impact of the transaction.


Obviously, having in-house economic, legal and tax knowledge during acquisition processes is essential. MMR Consultancy has this knowledge, both within our own office and in our network and will support you in this. We achieve our pre-agreed objectives by making no concessions to result-orientation, quality, creativity and commitment.

Core values

MMR Consultancy strives for high customer satisfaction. We deliver our services based on results, quality, creativity and commitment and integrity.

Result orientation

Vanaf het kennismakingsgesprek tot closing van de transactie zullen er onderhandelingen op verscheidene variabelen plaatsvinden. Wij zullen uw belangen hierin continu vertegenwoordigen, om tot een optimale deal te komen.


U wilt als ondernemer een transactie realiseren en weten waar u voor tekent. De vele details die samen komen bij een transactie brengen wij voor u in kaart. Wij zien het als onze taak ieder detail in te vullen en de gevolgen van iedere (financiële, juridische of fiscale) verandering bij u inzichtelijk te maken.


Kansen, mogelijkheden, maar ook zeker het in kaart brengen van de risico’s van een transactie is van essentieel belang. Wij adviseren onze klanten dan ook niet alleen op het gebied van prijsvorming, maar dragen ook creatieve ideeën aan om de risico’s in te dekken.

Involvement & Integrity

Op deze manier spreken we met onze klanten heldere doelstellingen en tijdslijnen af. Gedurende het traject kunt u op ons bouwen en staat u als klant op één. Wij vinden eerlijk zaken doen van het grootste belang en zijn mede daarom dan ook onafhankelijk van andere corporate finance partijen.

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