Derk van Wijk

Derk van Wijk

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"At MMR you know in advance where you stand."

“MMR Consultancy is very good at both buying and selling a company. In both cases I speak from experience. This helps you as a customer enormously in getting to the bottom of the company you want to buy or sell. The conditions are clear. At MMR Consultancy you know in advance where you stand. They understand the emotional aspects of these processes and they show you how to do it. ”

“I can wholeheartedly recommend MMR because they know what they are talking about. They know the IT industry well and are aware of the movements in the market. As an entrepreneur you ultimately make the choices yourself, but you do have people around you. people who can advise you properly. And in particular point out the consequences that these choices entail. MMR can do this as the best. ”

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