Henk Pomper

Henk Pomper

Former owner of Plusine ICT

"MMR brings a winning mentality and really wants to help the customer."

“In the period between 2010 and 2012 I started to think about my succession. I then came into contact with MMR Consultancy through a colleague. It was a very good time. Niels Koomen made both myself and my colleagues, who eventually took over part of the shares, a good impression. Niels was a top athlete and you notice that in everything. He wants to win. We liked that mentality. ”

“Not too long after this first collaboration, Plusine ICT was sold to Axians. We also had a very pleasant cooperation with MMR in this process. In addition to the winning feeling that they bring, they keep their agreements and are available day and night. MMR is really ‘eager’ to want to help the customer. ”

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