MKB Fonds buys Desktoptowork

July 2018 – MMR Consultancy assisted Mr. Rob in the sale of part of the shares of Desktoptowork to MKB Fonds.

On July 6 last. Duco Rob, owner of Desktoptowork and Emiel Havinga, Investment Director of MKB Fonds, have signed the purchase contract that will lead to MKB Fonds becoming a shareholder of Desktoptowork. MKB Fonds has extensive ICT experience, due to the various participations they have acquired in other managed service parties.

Desktoptowork is an online workplace supplier with the aim of realizing solutions so that their customers can work anytime, anywhere and from any device. Desktoptowork was appointed RunnerUp partner by Citrix in 2016 in the field of Desktop and Application delivery. By adding the specific knowledge of Desktoptowork to the portfolio of ICT participations of MKB Fonds, a broader service can be provided to customers.

Duco Rob on the realization of this deal: “With this transaction my customers and employees retain autonomy, but we do use the extensive expertise and economies of scale that MKB Fonds offers. The perfect next step for Desktoptowork. MMR Consultancy saw this synergy advantage from the start and managed the entire process in the right direction. ”

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